Božicno drevo  (Slapovi)
Noč kot nešteto drugih  (Slapovi)
Muj strah si ti  (Slapovi)
Del tebe  (Slapovi)
Zapleši ta valcek  (Slapovi)
Sonce mojih dni  (Slapovi in Simona Weiss)
Spomin  (Slapovi)
Nina ljubi le Martina  (Slapovi)
Julita  (Slapovi)
Črnolaso dekle  (Slapovi)


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Taliban reggae (Slon in Sadež)

All the people were making fun,
because i was reading the Qur'an.
And to some I looked realy wierd,
with white turban and black beard.

I ve' never been more popular in my life,
since i carry a big mutt knife!

I am a littla taliban,
I come from the country of Afganistan
If i am gonna die in a big crush,
it is the will of mighty Allah!

I didn't have the money for vacation,
so I joined a terrorist organisation.
I've learned to fly a plane from a friend,
but he forgot to teach me to land.
ref 2x:
I love my papa i love my mamma,
but most of all I love Osama

I am feeling the most happy
when I hear the scream (aaaaggghhhh) of yappi.
I don't care much where I am going,
because i drive 7'o'7 (a)boing!

I make sure that you will asay remember
the date of eleventh of september.
We choose this day because of this:
it's international day of peace!
ref 2x

And I would be a real nice lad
if I weren't in jihad.
For this just one attack
americans want to bomb us back

I know that repercussion would come
and it's a great comercial for Islam.
It's not much but now I can
see my house on CNN!

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